1/35 USA

Operator, 3rd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group, US Army Special Forces ("The Green Berets")

Afghanistan, 2011-2012

12 parts of resin for assembling and painting

The model was made by 3d scanning the real equipped person


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Assembled model (360°)

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I'm glad new (new to me at least) producers are putting out new figures, BUT it "you" are using 3D scanning tech, I expect to see unique and dynamic poses. Not something that looks like a 1970's Tamiya figure...
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I'm by no means an expert marksman (I don't even own a rifle), but the figure's firing position looks very unnatural, unless he's leaning against a wall and shooting over it. Even then...
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Nice figure EXCEPT for the pose; as already said he is standing unnaturally for a shooter: one leg should be forward with his weight resting on the front of his feet with the anchor leg stepped back and perpendicular. If he fired a burst as he's standing it would be all over the place as he's not standing solid & anchored. Nice detail on the figure, though...
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