About Us

We produce high detail resin miniatures in 1/35 and 1/16 scale.

Buying figures from us, you:

  • Get a quality product and a guarantee
  • Support us and encourage to release new figures

Buying in other stores on ebay or aliexpress, you:

  • Save some money
  • Get a copy of unknown quality
  • Support (Chinese) pirates
  • Make us question the wisdom of continuing our business

Today, the miniature market is huge, but there are not so many quality models devoted to the modern period. The abundance of various equipment of modern soldiers makes the manufacture of such models very laborious.

Involvement of high-class sculptors is one of the trivial decisions we use from very beginning of our activity. However, we consider it much more promising and interesting to use new technologies in our work. Already for the first models we printed weapons on a 3D printer, and now prototypes of some models are printed entirely! Of course, we are not the first to come up with it.

We are faced with the fact that it is not easier to create 3D models from scratch than to sculpt them with hands. 3d models that are sold in abundance, most of them are not suitable for miniature because of their low detail or improper equipment. Then we have focused on one more innovation - 3D-scanning of real people - authenticly dressed and equipped reenactors. This is exactly what distinguishes us from the vast majority of model manufacturers and we are confident that behind these technologies is the future of miniature.