Customer information

How to buy

Welcome to our store.

Purchase should not cause difficulties, but on any questions feel free to email us.

After the order is created and we have received confirmation of its payment, we collect the parcel within a few days. Then we send it by the company "Russian Post" and inform the buyer of the track number. Typically, the delivery takes 2-4 weeks, sometimes a little longer. If the parcel does not arrive after this period, please let us know.

Our prices may seem a little high, but this is due to two reasons:
1) Some of our models have no analogues because of their realism and high detail. Achieving this quality requires additional costs.
2) We are very interested in expanding our dealer network and for this reason, we must keep retail prices in our store higher than dealers.


We guarantee the high quality of our products. If the purchased product has missing or broken parts, we will replace them and pay for the delivery. It does not matter whether you bought the product from us or from the dealer.

If this occurs, please email us with:
- Description of the problem you are facing and photos to prove this fact
- Place where you bought the product
- Your name and full postal address

Please understand that we are not responsible for the parts that were lost or broken after receiving the goods, for example, during the assembly or painting.